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About us

RIDE is the leading provider of e-mobility and micro-mobility services in the Latvia market. It started its operations in 2019, providing customers with the highest quality electric kick-scooter rental service. RIDE is part of the TrafoNet companies’ group.

Ride Mobility

How to RIDE?

1. Open the RIDE app

Download the RIDE App from your phone’s App Store or Google Play Store. When it is downloaded, read the introduction with a short guide and register to be able to drive!

2. Find RIDE e-Bike on the map

Find the nearest e-Bike on the map displayed on our App. Make sure that the battery is charged sufficiently for your planned ride. Go after the e-Bike. You can reserve the ride for 3 minutes.

3. Scan or input the code

To start using RIDE e-Bike, stand next to the e-Bike and scan the QR code or input the code manually. E-Bike will wake-up and main display will switch “on”.

4. Start riding

Fold up the kickstand. Press “P” button on left-hand handlebar to release parking mode and get in to “Ready” mode. Choose ride mode “1” (15 km/h) – “2” (20 km/h) – “3” (25 km/h).

To begin moving, turn right-hand power handle. Use pedals if it’s necessary. You can use also cruise mode by pressing “C” to keep stable speed.

5. Where to ride

Ride the e-Bike on bicycle paths as regular bicycle and road part if bicycle paths is not available. You can use pedestrian sidewalks if road part has heavy traffic. Use bicycle paths as much as possible. Always respect the pedestrians and other road users.

6. Slowing down

To stop use rear brake press left-hand lever and/or use front brake by pressing right-hand lever.

7. Find where to park

Find green zone in the app map. Put the e-Bike on the sidewalk, at bike rack or any flat place where e-Bike will not disturb pedestrians and other road users.

8. Finish the ride

After e-Bike is parked in correct place. Finish the ride in the app and submit the picture. After ride is finish e-Bike display light will go “off” and beep will follow. That’s how you can be sure that ride is finished properly.

Meet the RIDE

Electric bicycle Xiaomi HIMO T1


Reg. Nr.: 40203212928
Address: Selu street 10, Marupe
LV-2167, Latvia
Phone: +371 24882433
E-mail: info@ridemobility.eu