A bicycle driver’s license is required. If one of the driver categories has already been obtained, the bicycle may also be driven.

Depends on how much you are ready to pedal, on electricity only max speed is 25 km/h.

Lift up the support leg, push the button “”P””, on the left handlebar, until the green light “Ready” is switched on in the control panel. Turn the right handlebar towards You and the ride will start.

Please contact us support@ridemobility.eu



No, there will be a fee of 30EUR charged from Your account.

Please top-up e-wallet with minimum amount of 5 EUR.

Pakelkite atraminę koją, paspauskite mygtuką “P”, esantį kairiajame vairo rankenos pusėje, kol valdymo skydelyje užsidegs žalia lemputė “Paruošta”. Pasukite dešiniąją rankeną link savęs („žemyn“) ir važiavimas prasidės.