RIDE services can be used from the age of 18, and a driver’s license is not required to do so.

The maximum speed depends on your muscle strength, the maximum speed of the electric drive is 25 km/h.

Raise the support leg, press the button P on the steering wheel on the right side, so that the inscription “00” lights up on the panel. Turn the right handlebar towards you and start moving. The latest RIDE models no longer need to press the P button, just raise the support leg and go.



No, it is not possible.

Please top-up e-wallet with minimum amount of 5 EUR.

No, it is not possible

The black zone prohibits movement in it, it is impossible to cross it. In the yellow zone, the e-bike speed is limited according to the binding regulations of the municipality. The purple ones are bonus zones, when you complete a trip in them, you will receive a bonus in your e-wallet.

When you ride these e-bikes, you will get a discount on the trip fee.

By turning on this function, the RIDE application will top up your wallet automatically if the trip you make will cost more than the available funds in your RIDE e-wallet. If this function is not turned on, your trip will be stopped when there are not enough funds in the e-wallet.

You can use this money to pay for RIDE rides, you cannot buy RIDE subscriptions with this money.

The number is not limited.

No, we do not refund prepayments made for RIDE services.

The maximum continuous pause time is 60 minutes, after which the trip is automatically interrupted. If you want to extend the pause time, turn off the pause mode for a moment and turn it on again.

The validity period is not limited.