1. Terms used in regulations

1.1. Discount code — a discount code that allows the Renter to reduce cost of Services. Renter is eligible to apply additional regulations to Discount codes for the usage of said Discount codes.

1.2. Regulations — these regulations.

1.3. RIDE App — mobile application, which is available on App Store and Google Play Store, that is owned by the Lessor.

1.4. Lessor — SIA “RIDE”, reg. Nr. 40203212928, juridical address: Selu street 10, Marupe, LV-2167, Latvia.

1.5. Account — user account on the RIDE App that grants the Renter access to Services and includes the information about Renter’s actions done on the RIDE App.

1.6. Contract — agreement made between Renter and Lessor.

1.7. Renter — user of the mobile RIDE App who has registered as RIDE App user and uses the Services.

1.8. Services — RIDE App, E-bike rental and other Related services that are specified on the RIDE App and, separated or together with the E-bike rental services, are available to Renter through the RIDE App.

1.9. Confidentiality politics — Confidentiality politics that are displayed on the RIDE App.

1.10. Related services — services that apply to E-bikes, their charging, maintenance, display and other similar services available using the RIDE App.

1.11. E-bike — electric bicycle that is owned by the Lessor and is being rented by Renter, and which has a RIDE sign of recognition.

1.12. E-bike rental services — Lessor’s Electric bicycle assignation to the Renter in return for requital according to the RIDE App, Regulations and Confidentiality politics.

1.13. Territory — area marked on the RIDE App.

2. General regulations

2.1.Regulations are binding to all Renters the moment a Renter, using the RIDE App, has made an Account.

2.2.Regulations are available to Renter on RIDE App before and after the creation of an Account as well as during the usage of said Account. Each time Renter wishes to start the usage of E-bike through RIDE App, the Regulations are available to Renter on the RIDE App. Renter agrees to follow the Regulations the moment Renter starts using an E-bike.

2.3.In order to improve Services, Lessor is eligible to unilaterally make changes to Regulations. Regulations are binding to all Renters the moment of their publication on RIDE App.

3. Renter’s registration on the RIDE App

3.1.Renter is able to register an Account of the RIDE App by downloading it on App Store or Google Play Store and executing all registration steps shown on RIDE App.

 3.2. Lessor confirms Renter’s registration on RIDE App by sending an access code to the Renter’s indicated mobile number on the RIDE App. Renter’s Account is considered as active when Renter has entered the access code given to Renter on the RIDE App.

3.3. With registering for the first time, giving Renter’s mobile number and entering the Lessor’s sent access code, it is considered that Renter agrees on Renter’s freely expressed, unambiguous and direct willingness as well as agrees to follow all Regulations displayed on the RIDE App. Regulations are considered to be binding to all following Renter’s actions made after the approval of Regulations on RIDE App which include transactions, approvals, downloading of photographs and other relating actions.

3.4. As an identification to all actions made on RIDE App the Renter’s mobile number is used, which was stated on RIDE App during the time of registration. Only one Account can be made with each mobile number.

3.5. While making any actions on RIDE App the Renter confirms Renter’s identity with entering said Renter’s mobile number in the authorization window.

4. RIDE App usage and Service cost

4.1. The usage of RIDE App is free.

4.2. Lessor’s fixed Service cost is applied to E-bike rental and other related Services made available on RIDE App. The exact price of RIDE App Services is calculated after the provision of said services.

5. E-bike rental

5.1. Renter notifies Lessor about the willingness to rent E-bike through the RIDE App.

5.2. Renter makes note about which E-bike Renter wishes to rent on the RIDE App. In the case of said E-bike not being available, the Lessor denies Renter’s chosen E-bike’s rental.

5.3. E-bikes’s rental service becomes active to Renter the moment Renter scans or enters the QR code on RIDE App that way activating the E-bike.

5.4. E-bike rental end moment is considered as the moment when Renter has accepted rental completion on the RIDE App and has, using the RIDE App, photographed and submitted to the Lessor a photograph of Renter’s E-bike left at the marked Territory.

5.5. E-bike usage restrictions during the time of rental:

5.5.1. E-bikes are prohibited to be used by persons younger than 18 years. During the time of E-bike rental, each renter is independently responsible for own health and safety.

5.5.2. E-bikes are prohibited to be used for transportation of pack- ages or big parcels, boxes and can’t be overloaded. Maximum allowable weight that can be put on E-bikes is 100 (hundred) kg.

5.5.3. E-bikes are prohibited to be used by more than 1 (one) person at a time.

5.5.4. Renter is prohibited to hand over E-bikes for sublease or to be used by any other third parties. Renter uses rented E-bike privately.

5.5.5. Renter is prohibited to use E-bike while being under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any other psychotropic substances.

5.5.6. Renter is obliged to position E-bike in a visibly prominent place which ensures that Renter’s placed E-bike doesn’t obstruct pedestrian, bicycle and/or motor vehicle movement as well as doesn’t block pathways, bicycle lanes and car driveways.

5.5.7. Renter is prohibited to position E-bikes in privately owned territories that have limited/restricted access to third parties.

5.5.8. Renter, for the propose of ending Renter’s E-bike rental, is prohibited to position the E-bike outside of Territory and in RIDE App’s marked territory which shows the area in which E-bikes can’t be positioned.

6. Renter’s rights and responsibilities

6.1. Renter has the right to:

6.1.1. use E-bike in the Territory.

6.1.2. use E-bike only for personal use.

6.1.3. ask for the Lessor to block Renter’s Account. Renter Account’s blocking is approved by using Renter’s authorization code.

6.1.4. ask for the Lessor to unblock Renter’s Account. Renter Account’s unblocking (activation) is approved by using Renter’s authorization code.

6.2. Renter’s responsibilities:

6.2.1. Renter undertakes full financial responsibility and responsibility about Renter’s actions, life, health and for all caused damages to any third persons and to Lessor, while Renter is using the E-bike.

6.2.2. Renter, before using the E-bike, independently ascertains own physical and mental state so that it is suitable for using E-bike as well as that the Renter has appropriate knowledge and skills to use E-bike. For the safety of Renter, it is advised for the Renter, at his own willingness, to use any protective equipment (helmet, protective clothing) which is provided only by the Renter and used on Renter’s account.

6.2.3. Renter, when noticing any technical faults, inconsistencies, damages or defects while using E-bike or before getting ready to rent one, has the responsibility to immediately inform Lessor through the RIDE App.

6.2.4. Renter, while using E-bike, has the responsibility to keep in mind all road safety traffic regulations. In the case of any traffic accidents happening while using the E-bike which involve Renter or/and E-bike, the Renter has the responsibility to immediately inform Lessor and the police about said traffic accident.

6.2.5. Renter, while using E-bike and moving on sidewalks, has to choose the appropriate travel speed so that it doesn’t obstruct, alarm or interfere with pedestrians. If necessary, Renter has to move with the speed that doesn’t surpass pedestrian walking speed. Renter can not in any way obstruct, alarm or interfere any pedestrians.

6.2.6. If, while being in use, E-bike’s battery runs out, Renter has the responsibility to end the use of E-bike and to approve, on RIDE App, about the end of E-bike rental and to place it in Territory.

6.2.7. If Renter doesn’t return Renter’s rented E-bike in the Territory, Renter is charged with the appropriate actual cost fee up to 30 (thirty) EUR of finding and placing E-bike in the Territory.

6.2.8. If Renter hasn’t approved the end of E-bike rental on RIDE App after more than 24hrs from the moment of activating said E-bike, Lessor considers E-bike as lost or stolen and Renter is eligible to reimburse the Lessor about expenditures of E-bike which amount to 1500 (one thousand five hundred) EUR. Lessor is eligible to withhold this amount form Renter’s credit card. Lessor notifies the police about said E-bike’s loss/theft.

6.2.9. Renter agrees to pay all penalties, expenditures and other payments that have emerged to Lessor or/and that have been charged to Lessor by any third parties as a result of Renter using E-bike or/and as a result of Renter not minding any of the existing binding laws in Latvian Republic, including Riga City Council regulations. As a penalty, next to all expenses and other payment administration expenses, the Renter is eligible to pay Lessor 30 (thirty) EUR fee for each incident.

6.2.10. Renter is responsible for all damages, losses and defects that may be caused to Renter while using E-bike rental Service.

6.2.11. Renter carries full responsibility for the E-bike from the moment Renter takes E-bike for use and up until the moment Renter has approved the completion of E-bike rental on the RIDE App.

6.2.12. Renter is fully responsible for all damages, losses and defects caused to E-bike during the rental of said E-bike.

6.2.13. In the case of E-bike being stolen during rental, Renter has the responsibility to immediately notify Lessor and the police about the theft.

6.2.14. Renter is responsible for the accuracy and updating of current account information, if any changes arise, on the Renter’s card or credit card that is issued by Renter’s bank/credit card issuer. Renter approves of the rights of Lessor to process all data gathered from Renter.

6.2.15. Renter has the responsibility to notify Lessor about any Renter Account and/or Renter data, which has been given to Lessor, illegal use without it being coordinated with Renter.

6.2.16. Renter acknowledges that E-bike usage contains risks,
including: Renter’s own life and health risks and that in the occurrence of these events Renter’s own health, life and property can be damaged. E-bike is a technical device which can sometimes have a technical error while being used which, in turn, can cause Renter’s own health, life and property to be damaged while using E-bike. During the use of E-bikes there is a possibility of causing damages, losses and injuries to third party health, life and property. That is why Renter must be especially alert and must use E-bike as a careful and caring owner. The Renter must check the technical condition of the E-bike before each trip, whether it is suitable for the trip. At the start of the trip, the renter assumes full responsibility for the technical condition of the E-bike and its damage due to non-compliance of the technical condition. If the technical condition is not adequate, the Renter is not entitled to start the journey.

7. Lessor’s rights and responsibilities

7.1. Lessor’s responsibilities

7.1.1. After receiving data from Renter’s RIDE App, the Lessor processes said data.

7.1.2. Lessor is eligible to unilaterally and immediately end provision of

Services if: Renter has given false/incomplete information to Lessor; Renter is damaging Lessor’s property, that is, E-bike; Renter is in debt with Lessor.

7.2. In the case of Lessor unilaterally ending provision of Services, Renter has the responsibility to immediately pay full payment for Services provided.

7.3. For Renter’s payments for Service provision, Renter’s indicated credit card’s, that’s been issued by Renter’s credit institution, resources will be used. If Renter’s credit card doesn’t have enough resources in order to pay full financially binding payment for Lessor’s provided Services, Lessor is eligible to give off Renter’s data to third parties for the sake of debt collection or independently pursue actions for debt collection from Renter.

7.4. Lessor is eligible to immediately close Renter’s Account if:

7.4.1. Renter is using Lessor’s property, that is, E-bike, for purposes that are not intended;

7.4.2. Renter is damaging E-bike;

7.4.3. Renter hasn’t given away E-bike to Lessor using RIDE App;

7.4.4. Renter has given false/incomplete information to Lessor;

7.4.5. Renter, in order to receive Services, has given another person’s data to Lessor;

7.4.6. Lessor is suspicious of Renter practicing fraudulent activities;

7.4.7. Lessor hasn’t got valid credit card, that has been issued by Renter’s credit institution, data with which Renter is eligible to pay payments for Services.

7.5. Lessor is eligible to deactivate and close Renter’s Account if it hasn’t been used for more than 12 (twelve) months.

7.6. Lessor is eligible, after Lessor’s initiative and intention, to give Renter discount for Services. To use discount, Lessor sends Renter the Discount code which Renter has to indicate on RIDE App before making payment for E-bike rental service. Lessor holds the right to, without any separate explanation being sent to Renter up until Renter uses the Discount code, in any moment cancel Discount code being sent to Renter if Renter hasn’t fulfilled any financial bindings with Lessor or/and has any debts; if Discount code is being used illegally; if Discount code is being used by any third person that is not Renter; if Discount code is being used against Lessor’s commerce interests

7.7. Lessor’s responsibilities:

7.7.1. Lessor provides a functioning RIDE App;

7.7.2. Lessor provides E-bike that is technically capable to be

used for E-bike’s designated use.

8. E-bike rental time

8.1. E-bike rental time starts the moment when Renter has activated E-bike and continues up until the moment when Renter has approved E-bike rental service completion of the RIDE App. Maximal time for E-bike’s continual use is 24 (twenty-four) hours from the moment when Renter has activated the E-bike.

8.2. Renter completes the E-bike rental service:

8.2.1. by placing E-bike in Territory and

8.2.2. by photographing E-bike after E-bike is placed in Territory and

8.2.3. uploading the photograph with E-bike after E-bike is placed in Territory on RIDE App and service.

8.2.4. approving on RIDE App the completion of E-bike rental

9. Rental service fee

9.1. E-bike rental service fees are available on RIDE App.

9.2. By approving E-bike’s use, the Renter certifies that Renter has gotten acquainted with E-bike’s rental service fees.

9.3. Rental fee for E-bike’s rent is calculated from the whole E-bike rental time, that is, from the moment Renter has activated E-bike up until the moment Renter has approved the end of E-bike rental service completion on RIDE App.

9.4. Final rental fee amount for E-bike rent is determined appropriately to E-bike rental time and with Renter approving E-bike’s rental service completion on RIDE App.

10. Rental service fee payment order

10.1.Renter pays the rental fee using a credit card, that has been issued by Renter’s credit institution. Rental fee payment made using a credit card, that has been issued by Renter’s credit institution, requires credit institution’s issued card’s previous data activation on RIDE App from Renter’s side and Renter’s own approval to all Regulations and Confidentiality politics.

10.2. Renter, by entering Renter’s credit institution’s issued credit card data on RIDE App, approves of and allows Lessor to collect Renter’s credit institution’s issued credit card payments on RIDE App for E-bike rental. That includes all expenses, fines and losses relating to E-bike that have been made by Renter.

10.3. Renter is responsible for Renter’s credit institution’s issued credit card stated on RIDE App to have enough resources to cover all Lessor’s Service fees.

10.4. Fee for services is considered completed when it is received by Lessor to Lessor’s expenditure account.

10.5. In the case of credit institution’s issued credit card processing service provider implements any new fee for credit institution’s issued payment credit card processing services, then said fee for credit institution’s issued payment credit card processing services isn’t included in E-bike rental service fee and Renter has to pay in addition to E-bike rental fee.

10.6. AS “Citadele banka” services are used to process Renter credit institution’s issued credit card payments made to Lessor. Credit institution’s issued credit card processing terms of use by AS “Citadele banka” can be found on www.citadele.lv.

10.7. In the event that the Renter does not agree with the amount of funds transferred to the Lessor from the payment card issued by the Renter credit institution, the Renter has the right to submit an application to the Lessor to the e-mail address info@ridemobility.eu within 10 (ten) days from the day of the transfer of funds, indicating the withheld amount, period, arguments and supporting evidence regarding the amount of the Renter disputed payment card issued by the Renter credit institution for the benefit of the Lessor. If the Renter application is justified, the money is returned to the Renter payment card within three working days.

11. Payments

11.1. After registering the RIDE App to start the E-bike Rental, the Renter needs to add a valid payment card to their Profile in RIDE App. By attaching such a payment card, the Renter certifies that the Renter has the right to use the card for such purposes and that other persons will not make claims for the use of such payment card for the RIDE services and payments associated with this Agreement.

11.2. The Renter’s payment card, when it is added to the RIDE App for the first time, will be verified using the bank’s 3D security technology,  which confirms the card’s affiliation and the cardholder’s approval to pay for the Rental Service and other Services associated with this agreement with the attached payment card. During the process of adding the card, a small amount may be deducted, which is added to the e-wallet.

11.3. After the addition of the payment card, in accordance with these of the rules, a cash deposit is required for the use of RIDE services, which can be paid by selecting the amount of the deposit according to one of the amounts of contributions specified in the RIDE App.  After making the deposit, a dedicated RIDE App section “e-wallet” will reflect the available balance that can be used to pay RIDE services, in accordance with the price list indicated by the RIDE App.  

11.4. The renter’s cash deposit via the RIDE App is a prepayment for ride services and cannot be returned.

11.5. In cases where the calculated price for the trip exceeds the balance available in the “e-wallet”, after the end of the journey the missing amount will be debited from the credit card linked to the “e-wallet” account. In such cases, the Renter’s ensure that sufficient funds are available in the payment card account to make this transaction. If this is not the case, RIDE shall be entitled to withhold from RIDE App added payment card amount equal to the Renter’s debt for the trips made, as well as other expenses and/or losses incurred as a result of the Renter’s actions or inaction.

11.6. If it is not possible to debit the missing amount (the Renter has removed the payment card from the wallet, or any other reason that prevents debiting the payment card), the Renter account is temporarily blocked or suspended until the negative balance is covered. The lessee is additionally informed about it by e-mail or telephone.

11.7. If the Renter’s does not have enough money on the payment card to pay, the amount of the Services will be withheld and requested again when the amount of money is available on the payment card.

11.8. If the balance of the payment card is not replenished within 3 days to pay for Rental services, the Renter’s RIDE App account will be blocked.

11.9. In the event that the Renter terminates the agreement, he has the right to contact the Lessor within 10 (ten) days after the termination of the agreement, asking for the return of the unused balance.

11.10. The Lessor undertakes to review the application within 30 days and to return the unspent balance, from which the Lessor’s administrative costs (bank commissions, contract service, etc.) have been deducted, as well as any demonstrable losses incurred by the Lessor during the term of this agreement and in connection with its termination.

12. Renter and Lessor’s contract

12.1. With making an Account of RIDE App and approving all Regulations, Renter it is considered that renter and Lessor have concluded a Contract.

12.2. Contract is in force for indefinite time.

12.3. Contract is terminated with Lessor and/or Renter’s conclusive actions that are in the form of Account closure.

13. Legal relation termination

13.1.Legal relationships between Renter and Lessor can be terminated with Renter and Lessor mutually agreeing or unilaterally deciding at any time.

13.2.Renter is eligible to, at any time, delete own Account from RIDE App. Account’s deletion is possible only if there is no active E-bike rental service, that is, Renter hasn’t taken an E-bike for use and Renter has concluded all financial bindings in relationship with Lessor including finishing all rental fee payments for any damages caused (if there are any), any fines, any expenses and other payments.

13.3.Lessor is eligible to, at any time, delete Renter’s Account if Renter hasn’t used the Account for more than 12 (twelve) months and Renter has completely settled all financial bindings in relationship with Lessor.

14. Applicable legislations and dispute resolution

14.1. Latvian Republic legal regulations are applicable to all legal relationships between Lessor and Renter.

14.2. In the case of any Regulation points expiring, the said regulation (as invalid as it is insofar) isn’t applicable and is considered as not included in the Regulation text. It also doesn’t influence the rest of Regulation validity.

14.3. Renter and Lessor tries to resolve all disputes with mutual agreements. If the dispute is not resolved during 30 (thirty) days from its emergence date, the dispute is handed over to Latvian Republic courts.

15. Changes to Regulations

15.1. Lessor is eligible to, at any time, make any changes to Regulations without previous notice to Renter.

15.2. Lessor will inform Renter about renewed Regulations through e-mail messages or on RIDE App.

15.3. If Renter doesn’t want to comply with renewed Regulations then Renter has to immediately inform Lessor about the end of Service consumption because Renter has received the notice of said renewed Regulations. In the case of Renter not notifying Lessor about the discontinued usage of Services, it is considered that Renter has accepted renewed Regulations.

01st of March, 2024
SIA “RIDE” Head of the Board Edgars Jakobsons